Yale PhDs in Japanese History

Student Year Received Dissertation Title
Kan'ichi Asakawa 1902 The Reform of 645: An Introduction to the Study of the Origin of Feudalism in Japan
Eldon Griffin 1937 Clippers and Consuls: American Consular and Commercial Relations with the United States and Eastern Asia, 1845-1860
David Forsyth Anthony 1951 The Administration of Hokkaido Under Kuroda Kiyotaka, 1870-1882
Lillian Ota Dotson 1951 The Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895
Mikiso Hane 1957 English Liberalism and the Japanese Enlightenment 1868-1890
James Kensuke Irikura 1958 Trade and Diplomacy between the Phillipines and Japan, 1585-1623
Sadao Asada 1963 Japan and the United States, 1915-1925
Harold Bolitho 1969 The Fudai Daimyo in the Tokugawa Settlement
William B Hauser 1969 Economic Institutional Change in Tokugawa Japan: The Osaka Cotton Trade
Jeffrey P Mass 1971 The Early Development of the Kamakura Bakufu: A Study of the Shugo and Jito
Gordon Mark Berger 1972 The Search for a New Political Order: Konoe Fumimaro, the Political Parties, and Japanese Politics during the Early Shōwa Era
Richard Louis Staubitz 1973 The Establishment of the System of Local Self-Government (1888-1890) in Meiji Japan: Yamagata Aritomo and the Meaning of Jichi (Self Government)
William Miles Fletcher, III 1975 Ideologies and Political and Economic Reform and Fascism in Prewar Japan: Ryu Shintaro, Royama Masamichi, and the Showa Research Association
Peter Judd Arnesen 1977 Daimyo Ryokoku in Muromachi Period Japan. A Study of the Ouchi Domain
James L McClain 1979 Kanazawa: A Castle Town in 17th Century Japan
Sharon H. Nolte 1979 Democracy and Debate in Taisho Japan: Tanaka Odo, 1867-1932
Sheldon Marc Garon 1981 Parties, Bureaucrats and Labor Policy in Prewar Japan, 1918-1931
Suzanne Marie Gay 1982 The Muromachi Bakufu in Medieval Kyoto
Masahiro Hosoya 1982 Selected Aspects of the Zaibatsu Dissolution in Occupied Japan, 1945-1952: The Thought and Behavior of Zaibatsu Leaders, Japanese Government Officials, and SCAP Officials
Wanyao Zhou 1991 The Kominka Movement: Taiwan under Wartime Japan, 1937-1945
Frederick Richard Dickinson 1993 World War I and Japan: The Dissipation of Consensual Continentalism, 1914-1919
Christopher W.A. Szpilman 1993 The Politics of Cultural Conservatism: The National Foundation Society in the Struggle Against Foreign Ideas in Prewar Japan, 1918-1936
Futoshi Shibayama 1994 Coping with the Anglo-American World Order: Japanese Intellectuals and the Cultural Crises of 1913-1953
Genzo Yamamoto 1999 Defending Japanese Civilization and Civilizing Mission in Asia: The Resilience and Triumph of Illiberalism in the House of Peers, 1919-1934
Simon Suk Yeon Kim 2005 Korean Students in Imperial Japan: From Visionaries to Participants in Nation Building, 1910-1945
Lisa Yoshikawa 2007 Kuroita Katsumi and his State-Sanctioned Nation History, 1896-1937: Narrating Absolute Imperial Sovereignty and Japan's Civilizing Mission in Asia as History
Frank Dhont 2012 Outlasting Colonialism: Socio-political Change in the Javanese Principalities under the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia During World War II
Bo Tao 2019 Imperial Pacifism: Kagawa Toyohiko and Christianity in the Asia-Pacific War 
Joanna Linzer 2021 Iron Archipelago: Environment and Industry in Early Modern and Modern Japan