• Summer Retreat in Kyoto, 2018
    • Bird's Eye View of Fukuoka City and Hakata Bay (Produced for the Hakata Port Expo, 1936)
    • Kan'ichi Asakawa with Friends | A Letter Home, 1899
    • Detail from Manzairaku Ansei Kenmonshi, c. 1855 (Yale University Library)
    • Daimyō Territories in 1664 (Map by Fabian Drixier)
    • Court Documents from the Heishi Monjo, 1470 and c. 1546.
    • Postcard of Downtown Fukuoka City, c. 1930s

Welcome to Yale Nihonshi! Our program has a long and distinguished history but is also in the midst of an exciting period of renewal and growth. Drawing on the combined resources of the Yale History Department, the Council on East Asian Studies, and the University Library, we are able to offer a wide variety of opportunities to engage deeply with the study of Japan’s past. This website is intended to serve as an online hub for our intellectual community, helping to disseminate information about events and resources, while also showcasing some of our ongoing projects and activities. We encourage you to explore and welcome your suggestions for the future.